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What is a unicorn?

This is a profesional unicorn dating site

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    This website is a site exclusively reserved for unicorn dating, and is designed for couples looking for unicorns for incredible and thrilling experiences.

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    Here are over 2 million users since we started the bisexual unicorn dating for unicorns and bi-curious couples

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    Why should you visit a unicorn dating site? There are a lot of bisexual dating websites, but specially designed dating sites for unicorns are very rare. Actually, there are many couples looking for unicorns.

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On our unicorn dating site, while, there is no need to search for long. We strive to connect you with registered and available unicorns, whether to spice up your sexual life, or to strengthen your romantic relationship. All registered bisexual women are pure unicorn who want to meet a couple in a three-way party. Our members of the couple just hope to meet a unicorn. You are in the best place to fulfill your desires!

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Why is LookingForAUnicorn Excellent?

How to looking for a unicorn?

1. Unicorn Woman

In polyamory relationships, a unicorn is described as a bisexual woman who engages in a relationship with a couple, either for a romantic relationship, for sex, or both. The term unicorn is used to signify the rarity of these types of companions, so much so that they are designated by the name of a mythical creature, which impresses especially by its rarity. Indeed, many couples want to meet a person who can interact with the man as well as the woman in the couple, and bring a new element, able to strengthen the harmony, the intensity or the quality of the initial couple.

2. Couples Looking For A Unicorn

So, for bi-curious couple opened to three-ways interactions, they could like meet local unicorns with whom they could have triad relationships. On the other hand, women ready to play this role are not so numerous!

3. Loyalty is the key

It is a fact that every unicorn girls can't make the promise to be in relationships just with one couple. There are many couples who did not take unicorns into consideration after seeking and meeting. This is why some of the unicorns prefer to meet other couple and pursue a new trial relation. However, unicorns on our website are loyal, and know how important it is to be loved and respected, so that you can run a durable relationship with them.

4. We are all unique.

Our desires and fantasies different. Whether we are monogamous, swing, non-monogamy ethics, open relations, polyamory, etc; Today, many people have understood that it is important to assume his sexual identity to live fulfilled. On our site, exclusively reserved for polyamory, you belong to a dating site where you can speak explicitly about your fantasies and your passions without complex when looking for unicorns, a dating site of people who share the same affinities as you for incredible and thrilling love and sexual experiences.